Inline-Skaterhockey is an exciting and dynamic sport.

You can find a small introduction incl. referee signals, if you are not too familiar with the sport. And for those who want to learn more, we included the IISHF official rules.

This is a quick overview (based on ISHD website January 2018):

INLINE-SKATERHOCKEY is hockey on inline-skates, played with a ball (not a puck). It is played all year as competitive sport.

Rules and regulations include:

• Both inline-skates and roller skates are authorized
• Full protective gear (analogous to ice hockey)
• Hard rubber or plastic ball (weight approx. 80 grams) – no puck
• Rink with boards 15-30 meters wide and 30-60 meters long, indoor or outdoor
• Body use permitted according to established rules
• Played with bully and free kick
• Max. of 18 players per team (typically 2 goalkeeper and 16 fielders)
• During matches 5 players per team on the rink (1 goalkeeper and 4 fielders)
• Dimensions of goal: 1.19 – 1.25 meters high and 1.80 – 1.86 meters wide
• Two referees per match

In the youth category matches typically last 3 x 15 mins.
Attention: For tournaments with 10 teams length of matches is shortenend. During group phase 2 x 10 mins, during play-offs 2 x 12 mins, final 3 x 10 mins. Find exact timing under menu schedule & results.

Remark: German and international rules are mostly congruent. For the U16 Eurocup 2018 only IISHF rules apply.

-> Referee signals

-> Official Rule Book